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Logo Animation


  • one Basic Animation

  • .MP4 Format

  • HD Resolution

  • sound fx

  • one Revision

Delivery 5 Days


  • one intermediate Animation

  • mp4 /.mov file 

  • 2k to 4k resolution.

  • Transparent video (optional)

  • sound fx - BG music

  • 2 Revision

Delivery - 6 Days


  • one Pro Animation

  • mp4 /.Mov /.Gif

  • 4k resolution

  •  Transparent video (optional)

  • sound fx - BG music

  • 2 Revision

Delivery - 7 Days

Logo Animation Requirements

Here is a Requirement List - you can Read more about These points by clicking ''Requirements Details Button''.

​• Let me see your logo please.
• Do you have vector file ( .ai /.SVG/.EPs ) of logo
• Which animation you prefer ( basic / intermediate / Pro )
• Background color you prefer
• Do you want background music? Or sound Fx.
• Resolution (HD,2k,4k) you prefer ?
• Duration? (3sec , 5sec, 10sec, up to designer)
• something about your company, brand or services its help us to create   Right thing for you.

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Payments Details & Content Rights,

  • We prefer PayPal For Payments.

  • If you are using this animation in Movie/Short film/TV/OTP platform, you have to give credit to me.

    Once the project is started, refund will not be considered at any stage such as if you do not require the service or for any other reason.

    You are giving me the right to add and share this logo animation as a portfolio on my website and social media handles.