Logo Animation


  • one Basic Animation

  • .MP4 Format

  • HD Resolution

  • sound fx

  • one Revision

Delivery 5 Days


  • one intermediate Animation

  • mp4 /.mov file 

  • 2k to 4k resolution.

  • Transparent video (optional)

  • sound fx - BG music

  • 2 Revision

Delivery - 6 Days


  • one Pro Animation

  • mp4 /.Mov /.Gif

  • 4k resolution

  •  Transparent video (optional)

  • sound fx - BG music

  • 2 Revision

Delivery - 7 Days

Logo Animation Requirements

Here is a Requirement List - you can Read more about These points by clicking ''Requirements Details Button''.

​• Let me see your logo please.
• Do you have vector file ( .ai /.SVG/.EPs ) of logo
• Which animation you prefer ( basic / intermediate / Pro )
• Background color you prefer
• Do you want background music? Or sound Fx.
• Resolution (HD,2k,4k) you prefer ?
• Duration? (3sec , 5sec, 10sec, up to designer)
• something about your company, brand or services its help us to create   Right thing for you.

If you have any question please let me know & Send all the Details Over My Email

Payments Details & Content Rights,

  • We Prefer 60% payment advanced and 40% payment on final delivery.

  • Once project start , At any stage like you don't need the service or any other reason Refund will not considering.

  • only prefer PayPal for payments.

  • Extra Charges for Any Additional Services During the project. (Ex. Different Versions, Background , Different Formats etc.)

  • Extra Charges for Any additional Revision.

  • you Allow me to upload your animation on my social media Handles & website as a portfolio.

  • you should give me credits for making  the animations.