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Hey there! Welcome to our service exploration. We're super excited to tell you all about our Pro Logo Animation package. With this package, we'll give you all the details about what you'll get.

What is Pro Animation

Pro logo animation takes logo animations to the next level with its complexity, attention to detail, and advanced effects. It involves intricate movements, offers a high level of customization, and creates a polished and professional look. It's perfect for businesses and individuals who want to make a strong impact with their brand. The pro package delivers visually stunning logo animations that leave a lasting impression.

Allow me to showcase a selection of preview animations we have created for our satisfied clients.

- Pro WordMark Logo

Our Pro wordMark Logo Animation Package is the best choice for your business. With this package, we provide top-quality logo animations that will impress you. It holds a special significance for us because it allows us to demonstrate our full creativity and skills.

Pro - Combination Mark

Pro Combination logo mark animation is a sophisticated technique used to animate combination logos. It adds dynamic motion and effects to logos that combine symbols with text. This creates engaging and visually appealing animations that represent the brand's identity.

Pro - Typography

Pro typography logo animation involves creating animated logos that focus on typography. It uses different fonts, letterforms, and text effects to make the logo visually engaging. i carefully craft the motion and transitions of the text to reflect the brand's personality. The goal is to capture attention and leave a memorable impression. It requires skill and attention to detail to create polished animations that represent the brand effectively.

These logo animations are just a glimpse of what we offer. Check out my Instagram account to see a wide range of stunning logo animations that we can create.

Pro Package Offerings

  • File Format : Our preferred format for video output is .Mp4.

  • Resolution : Basic Package Providing you 4k Resolution Video.

  • Sound FX: It's totally up to you whether you want to include them or not. If you prefer a video without sound effects, that's fine too. Just keep in mind that our sound effects are really good and we make them from scratch with great care.

  • Background Transparency : We provide the option for Transparent Background. Please note that Transparent Background is available in the .MOV file format, as .MP4 does not support Transparency/Alpha Channel.

  • Project File : We offer the option to provide you with the Adobe After Effects logo animation project file. Please note that we will delete the source files 14 days after the completion of the project.

  • Revisions : In this Pro package, we are pleased to offer you two complimentary revisions, allowing you the flexibility to make any necessary adjustments. Should you feel the need to modify anything, I will gladly address it for you.

  • Delivery Time : Our estimated delivery time for the final logo animation is 5-8 days. Typically, the first draft will be ready within 5 days, but occasionally it may take up to 7 days. Please keep in mind that we create animations from scratch, which requires dedicated time and effort.

Payment Policy

Payment Policy and Terms & Conditions

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