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Intermediate Package

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Hi there! Welcome to our service exploration. We're excited to share with you the details of our Intermediate Logo Animation package. In this package, we'll explain everything you'll receive.

What is Intermediate Animation

Intermediate logo animation refers to a level of logo animation that goes beyond simple static logos but stops short of complex and advanced motion graphics. In this type of animation, the logo is brought to life through subtle and tasteful motion effects, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a dynamic impression.

Allow me to showcase a selection of preview animations we have created for our satisfied clients.

- Minimalistic WordMark

The intermediate minimalistic logo animation is simple yet captivating. It uses clean lines and subtle movements to create a visually pleasing effect. The logo smoothly appears, either fading in or sliding in, revealing its essence. Every element is carefully designed to make the logo stand out in a classy way. The animation is paced just right, keeping viewers interested without being too fast or slow. This minimalistic approach feels modern and sophisticated, leaving a strong impression.

Intermediate - Combination Mark

Symbol / Combination logo animation is a cool way to make your logo more interesting. It takes different symbols or elements from your logo and brings them together in a fun and dynamic animation. These symbols transform, morph, or move around to tell a visual story. This animation style adds excitement and makes your logo memorable, showing off your brand's personality in a unique and eye-catching way.

Intermediate - Typography

The intermediate typography logo animation is an eye-catching way to show words in motion. The letters move smoothly and beautifully to create the logo. Each letter is carefully designed to highlight the chosen font's attractiveness. The animation flows seamlessly, making it visually appealing. It's a creative and elegant way to showcase the brand's identity.

These logo animations are just a glimpse of what we offer. Check out my Instagram account to see a wide range of stunning logo animations that we can create.

intermediate Package Offerings

  • File Format : Our preferred format for video output is .Mp4.

  • Resolution : Basic Package Providing you 2k to 4k Resolution Video.

  • Sound FX: It's totally up to you whether you want to include them or not. If you prefer a video without sound effects, that's fine too. Just keep in mind that our sound effects are really good and we make them from scratch with great care.

  • Background Transparency : We provide the option for Transparent Background. Please note that Transparent Background is available in the .MOV file format, as .MP4 does not support Transparency/Alpha Channel.

  • Project File : We offer the option to provide you with the Adobe After Effects logo animation project file. Please note that we will delete the source files 14 days after the completion of the project.

  • Revisions : In this intermediate package, we are pleased to offer you two complimentary revisions, allowing you the flexibility to make any necessary adjustments. Should you feel the need to modify anything, I will gladly address it for you.

  • Delivery Time : Our estimated delivery time for the final logo animation is 7-8 days. Typically, the first draft will be ready within 5 days, but occasionally it may take up to 7 days. Please keep in mind that we create animations from scratch, which requires dedicated time and effort.

Payment Policy

Payment Policy and Terms & Conditions

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